Larry Martinez delivers. Period. Whether you need a loan in the Bay Area, Marin County, or all of California, You can trust Larry Martinez to get the job done. A California Mortgage broker for over 10 years, give Larry Martinez the opportunity to add your name to his long list of testimonials (partial list)

"Larry Martinez, has been in the the mortgage industry for well over 20 years. He must being doing something right. He has ZERO FORECLOSURES! Larry is punctual, consistent, and reliable and is very thorough, he does it right the first time, every time. Large volume and high percentage of loans completed have given Larry a competitive advantage. If you ever need a mortgage loan you absolutely need to call Larry @ 415 251-691 My name is Daniel Shane Koren and I Recommend Larry Martinez For Mortgage Loans!"
Daniel Koren

"Larry continues to be a top performer in his field. A true professional that is well respected by many industry business partners."
Gary Berringer

"Working with Larry has been a very valuable experience.  Larry is wonderful at what he does; he is knowledgeable, creative, and honest and has the utmost integrity. I recommend Larry to all of my clients that are buying or refinancing their homes.  Larry has done amazing things for so many of my clients; I would never work with anyone else! Larry is simply amazing!"
Leslie Chiaffone

"Larry is a seasoned Real Estate Market veteran. With 20+ years of experience successfully helping home buyers and home sellers navigate the complexities of real estate transactions. Unlike most real estate agents, Larry understands the nuances of a true negotiation. Additionally, unlike most of the herd who call themselves real estate agents he also genuinely puts his client’s interest first and is not singularly focused on just getting the deal closed. Larry is head and shoulders above the crowd. I have the upmost respect for Larry both on a professional and personal level. I would recommend Larry’s service to anyone in Marin looking for a mortgage and real estate advisor."
JD Griffin

"I have worked with Larry on a number of cases where he has provided the loan and I have handled the homeowners insurance. I can attest that Larry is an outstanding mortgage broker. He provides outstanding service, and obtains great rates for his customers. He is an expert in the field and his service is Top Flight. If you have any questions regarding Larry, please don’t hesitate to call 415-308-2811 or email."
Gil Gugliemi

"Larry always goes the extra mile to serve his clients; he leaves no stone unturned to make sure his client is getting the right loan at the best rate. His knowledge is second to none. His integrity is above reproach. He is punctual, consistent and reliable. Best of all, Larry is easy to work with—he has a perfect combination of personality and professionalism. I highly recommend Larry to anyone seeking a mortgage loan."
Alan Gael

“Everyone promised, Larry Martinez delivered.  Over the past year, I had engaged with half a dozen banks and mortgage brokers.  Everyone told me they could get the job done.  However, only Larry was with me at the finish line.  He was aggressive in his efforts to secure the right financing, and kept me continually updated on the process.  He receives my highest recommendation.”
Warren B.

"Larry's patience, creativity and confidence in getting us through the loan process, ultimately gave us the keys to our new home. His willingness to include us in the process, invaluable advice and constant personal support, were invaluable. We are so fortunate to have been introduced to him, and to have him on our team. Larry truly cared and believed in us, and our vision to buy our home, and I am most grateful to him. Thanks!”
Jen & Chris

"I challenge you to find anyone more efficient, fairer, or more responsive than Larry Martinez.  I've been working with Larry for 7 years -- and have completed 5 refi's with him!  He has gained my complete trust and confidence, which is why I recommend him to all my friends.”
Bonnie N. (for what it's worth -- Harvard MBA)

“Every lender I talked to said my loan could not be done. Larry did his homework and found the right lender and appraiser that would lend on my property BEFORE he took my application. He is persistent and a very hard worker who knows what he is doing. Anyone would be foolish to go anywhere else.”
Suzanne M.

“Larry was patient, explaining the whole process up front. He does not hold anything back. Expect him to tell you the good AND the bad. Everything happened exactly as he said it would.”
Hector Morales

“I never would have been able to buy a home if Larry was not there to guide us. He even gave us great advise on how to buy a home at a great price. Commission is the last thing that is on his mind. He is patient and earns your trust, and never asked for a penny up front.”
Carol W.

"I was paying high rates on my commercial property mortgage until Larry suggested I pay it off with a loan on my home at a rate of 5.125%. My payments are a third less with my new loan. Thanks Larry!"
Kan Sampien

"After losing my job two years ago, I ran up my credit cards until I couldn't make the payments. I had not made a payment on almost $30,000 in over a year. Larry helped negotiate the debt in less than half and refinanced the balance at a low start rate of 2.95%. When the loan closed I got a check for over $5,000. This was the second chance I needed."
David Chan

"Larry got me into my first home for under $10,000 down and most the closing costs paid by the Seller. He got me an 80% first mortgage at a rate of 3.125% fixed for 3 years and a 2nd mortgage for most of the balance. Call Larry before you sign anything!"
Tracy Natcina

"Larry did a no cost 30 year loan refinance at 4.875%! It was truly no cost. Larry paid all the costs. He took care of everything. I couldn't believe it when it was all done. I tell everyone to use Larry."
John M.

"Larry explains things very well. He gives me choices I can understand. When I wanted to change programs after the documents were all ready to sign, it was no problem. He genuinely cares that you get exactly what you want."
Theresa Whindsite

"I called at least fifteen lenders before getting a quote from Larry Martinez. Not only did he have the best rate but his no cost loan really didn't have a single charge."
Betina Kilner