Since the "melt down" of the financial markets in 2008, many changes in the mortgage industry have excluded many able borrowers. It is not unusual to see a high net worth individual with a low taxable income. Wealthy individuals often withhold from realizing their gains as a tax strategy. We have specialty products for this type of borrower.

Asset Depletion– Supplement your income by just having assets. No liquidation. No pledging. 100% control of your money. Example: $1,000,000 = $5,300 per month.

Asset Pledging– Avoid tax from liquidating assets for your down payment. No asset transfer required. 90% loan to value up to $10M, including investment property.

Home Ownership Accelerator– Do you have assets you need to keep liquid? Pay 0% interest on your mortgage by swapping funds in and out of your mortgage account. 100% liquidity. Easier than writing a check.

Exception Base Lending – No Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Pure portfolio lending. Lenders take a realistic view of borrower's overall financial picture.

Cash Recapture- paid all cash to get a deal and want your money? No waiting period. Get cash right away.