We have super jumbo loans up to $10 million. This includes interest only, 40 year amortization and 30 year fixed. We have the best rates in the industry. You would be surprised how low our rates are. And don't forget to check out Asset Depletion (no pledging, 100% control of your money) and Asset Pledging. Get 90% loan to value up to $10 million on owner and non-owner occupied properties.

Lowest rates anywhere!
Loans up to $10 Million
Interest Only
Rates fixed for 3. 5, 7, 10, 15 or 30 years
40 year amortization
40 year term with interest only rate fixed for the first 15 years
30 year fixed
80% loan to value up to up to $2 million
High rise condos
Non-warrantable condos
Foreign Nationals
Condotels (with kitchens)
Leased Land

Jumbo loans are our specialty!