Hi, my name is Larry Martinez, a mortgage broker. I obtained my real estate sales person's license in 1984 shortly after graduating from San Diego State University with a degree in finance and an emphasis in real estate. In a field where most buyers are represented by sub-agents of the seller, I saw a niche for true buyer representation and created the buyer's brokerage Larry Martinez Real Estate in 1990. Educating and guiding clients through the financing process was just part of the service I included when buying a home before finding my true calling as a mortgage loan broker.

I worked eight years within the corporate realm of Mortgage Loan Specialists as a loan broker before moving to California Mortgage Advisors two years ago, who provide me an abundance of resources for loans not available to a small mortgage brokerage. I continue to teach and guide buyers and homeowners, with their best interests at heart, taking personal responsibility to see each client gets the loan they expect and deserve.

I live in San Anselmo with my wife Phyllis and my 10 year old son Joshua. We spend a lot of time together. There is always something going around our home. I am a den assistant in Joshua’s cub scouts where we have lots of family events. The boy scouts own over 700 acres just 15 minutes away where we go for overnight camping 4 or 5 times a year. We also love snow skiing in the winter and my brother has a boat up at the lake in the summer time.

I think I live in the perfect neighborhood. I am walking distance from a great market, restaurants, a movie theater, a beer pub and several places that play live music every night. I walk a lot by the way. I try to walk every night on the quiet forested streets that wind through the hills around here. My best friends are my neighbors. Sometimes it takes me quite awhile to leave here. I couldn’t imagine totaling up all the time I spend standing in the middle of the street just talking to everyone. But my favorite thing to do is to just tinker around the house. I love when Phyllis brings me something broken. I can’t run fast enough to my work shop to fix it.

I am very close to my parents, 5 brothers and sisters and their families that live close by. It seems like there is always someone’s birthday or some holiday
that we are celebrating.

And I look forward to getting to know you.